Barbara Allyn has been composing music and entertaining children and families for over 25 years. Her combined experience as a child advocate, early childhood educator, crisis counsellor, mother of three and now grandmother, has given her the years of inspiration to continue to write and record songs for both film and television.  Her ‘catchy’, ‘memorable’, ‘lovable’ songs create a musical playground of joy for children to sing, move and celebrate.

Her talent for writing moving melodies and lyrics has also been sought by many charitable organizations that support children. Barbara’s hope is to continue to use music to raise funds to assist and bring awareness to children in need.

Barbara has had the honour of collaborating with some of the most recognized artists in the Canadian music scene and has written for animated film and popular children’s television shows. Individual pieces are nestled in CD’s by other artists, songbooks and music programs in schools and children’s libraries around the world.

Her works include:

4 Square / Treehouse TVTreehouse TV logo
Theme music
13 songs for the First Season
Everybody Knows I Love My Toes
Sesame Park (video), CBC Television
Kids Songs Jubilee / Nancy Cassidy*, music produced by Ken Whiteley, Klutz Press
Sleepyheads Out-of-Beds / Pat Carfra*, A&M
We Walk With Spirits
First Nations, Toronto Conference
Performed by Don Ross & Kathryn Rose
Streets of Town
Safe Kids, Canada
Children’s Children
Celebration Song Canada
Performed by Kathryn Rose & Ron Hawkins
Squishy Face
Swinging on a Star / Claire du Lune**, Independent

Music appearing on other albums:

Rainbow Songs “When You Are One!” / Mike Whitla*

Sally Go Round The Sun / Kathy Reid–Naiman

Sing It! Say It! Stamp It! Sway It! / Peter Allard

Diddle Diddle Doodle Too / Brian Melville & Caroline Sweeney

*Parent’s Choice Award
**Juno Award Nominee

Other artists who have performed or joined in Barbara’s work include: John Alcorn, Jackie Richardson, Don Ross, Nic Gotham, Kathryn Rose, Lydia Adams, Claire Du Lune, Pat Carfra, Ron Hawkins, Micah Barnes, Melissa Stylianou, Kim Richardson, Tabby Johnson, Kurt Swinghammer, Susan Henley, Chris Bottomley, Jeff Wolpert and the most important performers of all—children.

  The Grandchild Project

The Grandchild Project Album Cover

This our recent project in the works!  A gift to our grandchildren. These original tunes by songwriter Barbara Allyn and producer, vocalist, and composer John Alcorn are being performed by some of Canada’s most celebrated vocalists, musicians and music makers. A mixture of catchy, toe-tapping songs of celebration infused with the musical styles spanning the last century. A wonderful legacy of the music of our lives for the younger hearts of the future.

Lend your ear to our dynamic beginnings with more amazing, well-loved artists waiting in the wings to join us.

a fish named thirsty

barbara allyn © SOCAN

betty the bike

barbara allyn © SOCAN

two by two

barbara allyn © SOCAN